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Purpose of the website

The purpose of the GICS websites is for easy access to the full Government Gazette and Provincial Gazettes to members on the main GICS website and free Government Gazette Index and Provincial Gazette Index for free on the GICS Index website.

Daily updates of the information on the GICS websites for up-to-date Government and Provincial gazettes.

All the information is in a .PDF Document format to view or download for use and may not be distributed without writen premisions

You agree to the Terms and Conditions by accessing GICS websites and information.

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In-Gazette Search

Searching for information in gazettes and downloading only the page that you need is very easy and acurate for our subscribed member. Finding what you need fast, will make your life easier for a small anual fee. View prices and Register today!

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View By Act

Do you need a compiled list of Notices and Regulations of an Act? It is as easy as only selecting that Act for the subscribed members and having the Notice No., Gazette Date, Gazette No, Page No. and more at your fingertips for easy access!

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Keeping the prices very low for more that 5 Years and the Gazettes up to date while improving the services is very important at GICS, and with more that 8 years of Gazettes available for instant download. Register Now in only 2 easy steps!

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